Cash on delivery courier service.

This payment method is available in Moscow. Courier must provide the buyer of lading and receipt confirming payment. It is recommended to check the composition of the order and its corresponding invoice in the presence of the courier. In case of discrepancies, please contact in the presence of the courier with the call-center: 8 (495) 691-25-65. When you pay cash to the courier fee is not charged.

Payment by credit card on delivery courier service.

This payment method is available in Moscow. The buyer can pay for your order by credit card, specifying the method of payment when ordering online or through management Internet – shop. Payment via POS-terminal eliminates credit card fraud. Please check the contents of the order and its compliance with the invoice in the presence of the courier. In case of discrepancy, the buyer must contact the call-center in the presence of the courier on the phone: 8 (495) 691-25-65.

Courier must provide for the buyer invoice and check after transaction

When paying by credit card courier fee is not charged.

Opportunity to pay for your order ONLINE by credit card, VISA / VISA Electron or MasterCard.

Payments are made over a secure encrypted protocol TLS 1.0 directly to the processing center payment system , which protects personal data. Online store does not receive or store any credit card information. When paying by credit card surcharge established system of online payments. The amount of commission check with the manager online store or on the payment page in the payment system. Upon receipt of the goods the buyer must present a passport and sign on the receipt and the invoice provided by the courier.

Payment by invoice.

The buyer has the ability to pay for the order by money order to the account an Internet store in any convenient branch of the bank.

Order process automatically billed with details filled online store. It must be printed and submitted to the bank for payment. Order will be shipped right after the shop will be notified of the transfer of funds to account. The money is credited to the account online store for 4 days.

To transfer must be made within five days of placing the order in online store. If this period is not received notification of the payment, the order is canceled.

Warning! Payment on receipt of a bank surcharge of 4-5% of the payment amount, the exact size of the Commission is necessary to specify in the bank to make transfers.

Upon receipt of the order must present a passport (ID) and a copy of the receipt.

Payment Order entity.

Payment order legal person can be by bank transfer. In order to pay for the order on behalf of a legal entity, it is necessary to inform the manager of the Internet-shop about props of the payer for invoicing. After paying the bill, along with the order, courier will deliver the supporting documents on which to put a signature and stamp of the organization, made the payment.

Payment via electronic payment system.

Buyer can pay using the following payment processors:

1.Credit card *

2.Electronic money

Yandex-Money ***

PayPal ***


Make payment through the system must be within 1 hour of placing your order in online internet shop. Order will be shipped after receiving notice of the payment.

Transfer fee: 0.8.% Upon receipt of the order, you need to show your passport.

If within the specified time (1 hour of placing your order on the site) is not received notification of the payment, the order is canceled.

Security policy for users

General provisions.

Safety and protection users information of our service is very important to us. When processing users information of the service we take all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect data from unauthorized or accidental access, dissemination of information about users, as well as other illegal actions, as indicated in this document. Privacy and Security on Making orders, users need to be confident in the safety of transactions and operations. In our work we use a cryptographic protocol SSL, which provides for establishing a secure connection and transmits sensitive data in encrypted form. We are taking other appropriate technical and organizational measures to maintain the confidentiality of any information about the users and all communications.

User information and authentication.

Working with service includes two categories of operations:

1. choice, product search, add them to your cart (anonymous access is possible);

2. Ordering and payment (login required).

Viewing, reading, searching and selection of products can be carried out anonymously, the procedure of registration and payment of the order requires authorization on the site. A user may be denied registration under the login, which may be misleading as to the identity of its owner, contain rude or insulting words denoting a trademark or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights, other rights of third parties, as well as in other cases, at the discretion of service.

Information on Payments

All information about payments made by the user on account of payment of goods ordered on, is sent to the control payments and settlements. We check the data obtained (surname, first name, middle name of the payer, the date of payment, amount of payment, the order number in our system), and is transferred the funds to the account of the user. We also guarantee the security of data collected about customer payments.

The amount of information necessary for the correct identification of the payment depends on the method of payment and may vary. We support multiple payment options ordered goods, including payment by electronic payment systems: online payments with credit cards.

Secure online payments All transactions with payment cards taking place in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. When you send information using special technology security card online payment processing is carried out on a secure server processing high-tech company which passed the international safety certification PCI DSS and SA HackerSafe. This means that everything you specified data when calculating by credit card (name, address, phone number, e-mail, credit card number) in accordance with the requirements of international payment systems after the payment is not saved on the server nor, or the authorization server processing company. Processing data is fully protected and no one, including, can not get your personal and credit card data, including information about your purchases in other stores.

User information. service stores all your order history and the history of communication and interaction with a service, do not change or delete this information at the request of users or third parties, the information can be removed only at the written request of the user. Term storage of information about orders at the discretion of the service. This information is not publicly available, it can be found only authorized user to which that information. To do this, you must pass authorization procedure on the site with an indication of your login and password. service is fully responsible for the safety data related to the user, and their protection against unauthorized or accidental access, dissemination, and other illegal activities.

Other information about users Service reserves the right to carry out surveys, quizzes and special events. In some cases, we need additional information about the user voluntarily decided to take part in activities (only after receiving confirmation from the user). We also take full responsibility for the safety, security and non-proliferation of information received.

We may also ask:

• information you provide to us in order to get e-mail notifications, subscribe to our newsletters and other communications;

• demographic (statistical) information, such as your company’s activity, age, sex, country of residence, etc .;

• Other interests us the information that you have agreed to provide.

Monitoring the use of user data.

You can change the user information provided at any time. To do this, you need to login and make the necessary changes in your account. service provides the user with information about it, we have, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation.

Duties of the user.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password to Remember that service will never ask for your password.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the service and update the information that is required for the execution of prisoners with the site In case of impossibility of order execution because of incorrect information, you will be required to compensate for the losses caused service.

In case of doubt, messages or requests on behalf of the service, please inform us.