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ARnouveau is young and dynamic brand launched by A LA RUSSE company, its name tells about the different vision of a modern girl by Anastasia Romantsova. “We wanted to create a universal, democratic and fashionable line for beautiful girls living in the rhythm of big cities. They study, work, travel, have business trips, go out on dates and always look fresh and stylish, – says the owner of A LA RUSSE and designer Anastasia Romantsova. – Fashion, beauty and art in a new context – this was the main message of our work”.

ARnouveau is an image of a new, urbanistic and well educated generation, which was risen up by many cultures. They are experts in art, read classics and modern bestsellers, fashion magazines and websites, they are smart and successful.
ARnouveau wardrobe is convenient minimalism, with light shirt-dresses, cozy bombers, extremely short skirts with shorts and elongated T-shirts. Besides, it’s bold silhouettes and strict palette of basic colors, gray and black, among the others white is emphasized. The collection has sexy necklines, cuts and accents in unexpected places, the nuances in details, courage in proportions.

No matter what city visits a girl – it’s always full of cars, spacious art galleries, trendy secret bars, attics and lofts. World of our heroine is open and has no boundaries. That is why ARnouveau outfits suit her – she can easily go from the office to a date or film premiere, prepare for exam, sitting under a shady tree in the park, hurrying up to the airport for the next trip. And then the whole world is open for her: brilliant panorama of New York from the highest point of the Brooklyn Bridge, the famous flea markets of London, charming aromas of Parisian cafes and mysterious dungeons of the Louvre, the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and the Boulevard Ring in Moscow.

That is the philosophy of the new brand – versatility and freedom. That’s why a swallow was chosen as the first ARnouveau collection Spring-Summer 2015 print, a small bird, elusive and contrast, as any modern girl nowadays.